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Library Service Updates

How do I request materials for curbside pick up at the Library?  You can:

If you are having trouble with the catalog, check out this guide: /uploads/files/KOHA%20Catalog%20Walk-Through.pdf

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New Adult Fiction

  Out of Mesopotamia Abdoh, Salar  
  Inside story Amis, Martin,  
  Uranus Bova, Ben,  
  The silence DeLillo, Don,  
  Attack surface Doctorow, Cory,  
  The cul-de-sac war Ferguson, Melissa,  
  The wonder boy of Whistle Stop  Flagg, Fannie,  
  House of correction French, Nicci,  
  The once and future witches Harrow, Alix E.,  
  You betrayed me Jackson, Lisa,  
  Invisible girl Jewell, Lisa,  
  Night of the mannequins Jones, Stephen Graham,  
  In a holidaze Lauren, Christina,  
  Tell me my name Ruddy, Erin,  
  Flowers over the inferno Tuti, Ilaria,  


New Adult Non Fiction

  Ex Libris Kakutani, Michiko,  
  The anxiety first aid kit Hanson, Rick,  
  Beyond your bubble Israel, Tania,  
  Opening to grief Willis, Claire B.,  
  The upswing Putnam, Robert D.,  
  Blackout Owens, Candace,  
  Earth almanac Williams, Ted,  
  Fast asleep Mosley, Michael,  
  Bazaar Ghayour, Sabrina  
  Vegetable kingdom Terry, Bryant,  
  Plants-only kitchen Oakley, Gaz.  
  Pie academy Haedrich, Ken,  
  Look alive out there Crosley, Sloane,  
  Tecumseh and the prophet Cozzens, Peter,  
  Cossac Kepher, Stephen C.,  
  Gambling with Armageddon Sherwin, Martin J.,  
  Donald Trump v. the United States  Schmidt, Michael S.  
  I'll be seeing you Berg, Elizabeth,  
  Cary Grant Eyman, Scott,  
  The luckiest man Salter, Mark,  
  Red comet Clark, Heather L.,  
  Sitting pretty Taussig, Rebekah,  

New Picture Books

  Polar bear in the snow Barnett, Mac,  
  Little blue house beside the sea Bogart, Jo Ellen,  
  Wolf cub's song Bruchac, Joseph,  
  Twinkle, twinkle dinosaur Burton, Jeffrey,  
  How to grow an apple pie Charles, Beth,  
  The whales on the bus Charman, Katrina,  
  Paper peek Takeuchi, Chihiro,  
  Bunheads Copeland, Misty,  
  Snow globe wishes Dealey, Erin,  
  Pipsqueak's adventure Dunn, Diana D.,  
  Rock-a-bye, Dino Eliot, Hannah,  
  Kind Green, Alison,  
  The alphabet's alphabet Harris, Chris,  
  Sun flower lion Henkes, Kevin,  
  Sophie Johnson, unicorn expert Hood, Morag  
  Saving Eli's library Horowitz, Ruth,  
  What we'll build Jeffers, Oliver  
  Antiracist Baby Kendi, Ibram X.,  
  Louis Lichtenheld, Tom,  
  Lights on Wonder Rock Litchfield, David  
  Julián at the wedding Love, Jessica,  
  Escape goat Patchett, Ann,  
  The people could fly Hamilton, Virginia,  
  Turtle walk Phelan, Matt,  
  You matter Robinson, Christian,  
  Attack of the underwear dragon Rothman, Scott  
  In my Anaana's amautik Sammurtok, Nadia  
  I talk like a river Scott, Jordan,  
  Imogene comes back! Small, David,  
  Fairy science Spires, Ashley,  
  The oboe goes boom boom boom  Venable, Colleen A. F.,  
  My big wimmelbook Walther, Max,  

New Juvenile Non Fiction

  Dictionary for a better world Latham, Irene  
  My bed rocks on the water Bond, Rebecca,  
  The people could fly Hamilton, Virginia.  
  Sea creatures Simon, Seymour,  
  Tracking pythons Messner, Kate  
  Orcas of the Salish Sea Leiren-Young, Mark  
  Yoga animals Towler, Paige,  
  The big, fun kids cookbook    
  Stanley Tools woodworking is awesome  Peterson, Chris,  
  Everything comes next Nye, Naomi Shihab,  
  Common critters Brisson, Pat,  


New DVD's listed here:

Updated on Jan. 19

November 16, 2020

The Stowe Free Library is closed to the public. Curbside service is available.

With the increase of positive COVID cases and the Governor’s mandates, the Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees agreed to close the library building to the public and return to full curbside services. The following is a list of services and their status of availability at this time.














Staff members will be assisting individuals with requests through phone and email and will relay information about the availability status of requested items. If items are available for loan, staff members will pull these items, check them out in the library system to the patron, and package them up for pick up. An appointment for pickup will be arranged. Be aware that the 1-week (for new DVDs) or the 2-week (for other items) checkout period begins once the items have been packaged.


To ensure a contact-free “delivery”, the packaged items will only be available for pickup during scheduled times of the day. Each day, Monday through Friday, for 15 minutes on the even hour, 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m., requested items, accompanied by a safely distanced staff member, will be available for pickup on the Library’s front porch or within the front foyer. Items that are not picked up within a particular 15-minute time period will be brought back into the Library and then brought back out on the next even hour. Items that are not picked up within 3 days will be checked back in and returned to the Library bookshelves.


Enjoy the library materials and then return them in the book drop box on the front porch. Returned materials will be disinfected and quarantined for 7 days.


Stay safe and healthy!


Yours truly,

Cindy Weber, SFL Director



Friends of the Stowe Free Library Updates


36th Annual Book Sale Canceled

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have sadly come to the decision to cancel the 2020 36th annual Book Sale in July.  At this time no book donations are being accepted for the inside book sale or the 2021 books sale.  Thank you for all of your support!

Call or email the library with questions, 802-253-4808 / [email protected]

 As always we thank you for your support!

2021 Spring Speaker Series 

In Our Own Backyard

Please stay tuned!  We have tentatively planned an exciting set of speakers for fall 2020!

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