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Board of Trustees Meeting Mintues for October 6, 2017

Stowe Free Library Library Board of Trustees Meeting * October 6th, 2017 Call to Order: 8:02am Present: D. Witmer, C. Maison Kastner, C. Lusk, B. Fox, D. Johannesen, D. Bryan, K. Kaufman, C. Weber (Director), R. Ziegel (Friends) Minutes: Minutes stand as read Friends’ Report: In Your Own Back Yard event presented Peter Miller, photographer on September 21st. Approximately 35 people attended. Bill Schubart, author is scheduled for November 16th. Julie has found children’s book authors to speak at the December event. The first weekend in December is An Old Fashioned Christmas weekend put on by Stowe Vibrancy. Treasurer’s Report: As of October 1st, the Operating Account

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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes September 8, 2017

Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees Minutes of Meeting – September 8, 2017   Call to Order:             8:05 a.m. Present:  C. Maison Kastner, D. Johannesen, C. Lusk, K. Kaufman, D. Bryan, C. Weber (Director), R. Ziegel (Friends) Absent:  D. Witmer, B. Fox Approval of Minutes: Minutes approved as read. Treasurer’s Report: The Endowment Fund is just over $1,000,000 as of 6/30. As of the end of August, before interest, the checking account is at $25,505 and the Development Fund is at $17,446. Registration fees are down and fines continue to dwindle, but donations are up mainly due to Pete Smith and David Tilgner Memorials. Sentinel

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