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Coming this Fall: Makerspace Academy

Join us on Tuesday, August 27th from 3 - 4pm for our Makerspace Kick-Off Party! One of the exciting new additions to our afterschool program this fall is our Makerspace Academy (Tuesdays 3 - 4pm) and Open Makerspace (Thursdays 3 -4pm).  Our Makerspace Academy will teach students in grades K-12 how to use our makerspace technology and our Open Makerspace will allow students free time to invent and create with that technology.  If you are a parent, you might be asking "Wait, Ms. Molly, what exactly is a makerspace?" A makerspace provides children with a creative, hands-on opportunity to design, experiment and invent

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The DCF Book Club Wants YOU!

Join Ms. Molly on August 27th from 5:30 to 6:30pm for a kick off party for our 2019 - 2020 Dorothy Canfield Fisher (DCF) Book Club The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award is Vermont's Kids' Choice book award for students in grades 4 - 8.  In order to vote, students are asked to read (or listen to) at least 5 titles (from a 30 title) list during the summer and 2019-2020 school year.  Voting begins in April. Our DCF Book Club is open to kids in grades 4-8.  We will meet monthly on Tuesdays and have a chance to discuss that month's

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BOT Minutes June 14, 2019

Stowe Free Library Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting June 14, 2019 Present: D.Witmer(Chair), K.Kaufman, K.Spear, S.Gaines, C.Weber (Director) Absent: C.Lusk, C.Maison Kastner, D.Johannesen, R.Ziegel (Friends’) Call to Order: 8:05a.m. Minutes: Minutes approved as read. Friends’ Report: Friend’s sending out membership renewal form. Plenty of books are being donated for the book sale.  In Our Own Backyard begins again in the fall.  The new children’s librarian will work on the library’s part in the Christmas in Stowe celebration. Treasurer’s Report: The Operating Account contains, $29,330, the Development Account: contains, $23,670.  The town wants to have access to our Morgan Stanley reports, which has been enacted.  Board Members can

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BOT Minutes May 10, 2019

Stowe Free Library Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting May 10th, 2019 Present: D.Witmer, D.Johannesen, C. Maison Kastner, C.Lusk, K.Kaufman, S.Gaines, K.Spear, C.Weber (Director), R. Ziegel Absent: No members absent. Call to Order: 8:05 a.m. Minutes: Stand as read. Friends’ Report: There were approximately 35 people in attendance at the Friends’ Annual Meeting. There will be a fund raiser at Over the Wall in Stowe on Wednesday May 15th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The book sale starts July 9th and will run until July 28th. Treasurer’s Report: The dividends from our mutual funds at Morgan Stanley are paid into our bank account. The capital gains will

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Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda June 14, 2019

Stowe Free Library - Board of Trustees Meeting         Friday, June 14, 2019, 8:00 a.m. Library Building Agenda Call to Order Approval of Minutes Friends’ Report Treasurer’s Report and Endowment Fund Discussion Director’s Report Old Business New Business Election of Officers Schedule Next Library Board Meeting

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