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2017 Tax Season Resources

NEW this year: The Vermont Department of Libraries has complied some FAQ’s for this years’ tax season.  Click the link below. State Tax Information The state of Vermont has opted not to provide libraries, town offices or post offices forms or booklets for Tax Season.   This information was sent to us by the Department of Tax office: Taxpayers may obtain the booklets, which include tax forms and instructions, in one of the following ways- Online at Email [email protected] Call 802-828-2505 or 855-297-5600 (toll-free in the U.S)   When ordering your forms, please state- 1. Your name 2. Mailing address 3. Form number or form name 4.Daytime phone number **************Attention****************** CAPSTONE VITA Income Tax Preparation Schedule 2018

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Board of Trustees Meeting Mintues for February 2, 2018

Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees February 2, 2018   Present: D. Witmer, C. Maison Kastner, C. Lusk, D. Johannessen, D. Bryan, K. Kaufman, C. Weber (Director), and R. Ziegel Absent: B. Fox Call to order: 8:05 am Minutes: Stand as Read Friends’ Report: The Friends are losing active members.  They no longer have a vice president, or secretary.  They are looking for someone to organize the In Your Own Backyard series.  Treasurer’s Report:  Endowment Funds are at 1.1 million.  Checking account is at $24,145.  Development Fund is at $21,794.  The annual Copley Fund is at $3190.  Pete Smith Memorial is at $2,995 and will be used to

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In Your Own Backyard

               Please join the Friends of the Stowe Free Library for Ed McGuire's presentation on Genealogy.  Pick up tips on how to start searching for your ancestors: where to start, the numerous resources available as well as guidance on searching international records.  Light refreshments will be served courtesy of the Friends group.  Interested in helping to shape future presentations? Speak with a Friend or email us and find out how you can volunteer with the Friends of the Stowe Free Library!    

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2018 ALA Youth Media Awards

The American Library Association with the help from the YALSA department announced the Youth Media Awards this morning- live from the Mid-winter conference in Colorado!  Check out the award presentation here:  

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February Adult Book Club

We had a great meeting in January – Thank you to those who were able to come!  We had a great conversation about life, triumphs and tribulations, how funny Delia Ephron is (who knew?!), as well as discussing the bakeries in New York! It was a delightful change of pace over the holidays and from our last book – all about spies in Europe.  This month we were looking for something that was more recent, something that would be timely in topic.  We had several suggestions from our group – and I’ve narrowed it down to “The Power” by Naomi

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