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"A Man Apart - Bill Coperthwaite’s Radical Experiment in Living"




Please join us on Thursday May 4, 2017 at 4pm for the Friends of the Stowe Free Library Annual Meeting with guest speakers Peter Forbes and Helen Whybrow.  Forbes and Whybrow are authors of "A Man Apart -  Bill Coperthwaite’s Radical Experiment in Living."

Who have the people been in your life that have opened new doors for you, exposed you to new worlds, changed your assumptions, encouraged you to stretch and grow? Who have been the guides who asked you to look hard at yourself and the world around you?

“A Man Apart” is the story of the friendship and mentorship between authors Peter Forbes, Helen Whybrow and Bill Coperthwaite – designer of the yurt and homesteader, often compared to Henry David Thoreau and Scott Nearing, who lived out his ecological ideals, off the grid, on a remote and wild homestead along the Maine coast for nearly five decades until his tragic death.

Told lovingly through the chronicle of a 40 day adventure of building what would be Coperthwaite’s last yurt with him, Peter and Helen handcraft a story that reveals the timeless lessons of mourning, understanding what endures and the importance of a life that seeks out direct human experiences, is drawn to beauty and encourages others.

Peter Forbes has become a leader for the American conservation movement as a photographer, writer and storyteller about the relationship between people and place. Helen Whybrow’s life as an educator, writer and manager of the family’s organic farm follows her career in book publishing. Along with Peter, Helen has created the Center for Whole Communities at their home of Knoll Farm in central Vermont.

Refreshments will be served

Community Meeting Room of the Stowe Free Library located at 90 Pond Street, Stowe VT 05672

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