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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes September 7, 2018

Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting

September 7, 2018

Present: D.Witmer, C.Maison Kastner, C.Lusk, D.Bryan, D.Johannesen, K.Kaufman, B.Fox,

C.Weber (Director), R.Ziegel (Friends)

Absent: None.

Call to Order: 8:00 am

Friends’ Report: The book sale started slowly, but picked up momentum.  They raised a total of $21,100.  The In Our Own Backyard schedule is filling up, starting with Robin McCarther on September 21st, Gordon Hayward on September 27th, and our own Cindy Weber and her husband, Ted, on November 8th.

Treasurer’s Report: The Endowment Account went up by $80,000 during the fiscal year. The Checking Account has $34,283 and The Development Account contains $23,571. Though there are declining fees, donations have gone up. The Pete Smith Memorial is at $2995, David Tilgner Memorial is at $2749, Carol Good donation was $2000, and Honore Walsh was $5000.  The Friends’ have donated $6000 from the summer book sale. The library is one of the beneficiaries of the Estate of Robert Franks, receiving $111.15.  We will need check for the quarterly contribution to town, which is approximately $7000. Our brokerage account with Morgan Stanley has been opened. Interest and cash dividends from endowment accounts now go into our checking account automatically. The finance committee will have a follow-up meeting with Morgan Stanley in September.

Director’s Report: The adult biography section has been weeded making room for newer material.  The parenting section has been updated.  The library staff is working on the travel guides.  Cindy brought a webinar on safety and security to the staff.  She is working on plan for new locks for the doors and windows. The chief of police will do a walk through. They are working on emergency action plan and will talk to safety committee in town to make sure we are all on the same page.  There is a discussion about purchasing cameras. There was a question about who will pay for them?  Cindy can put it on the budget and the town may approve them.  The summer was very busy and the children’s programming was very successful.  75+ children signed up for the summer reading program.

Review Trustee Calendar:  The section on e-readers needs to be removed. The Town Budget meeting will be moved to November. Regarding the library budget, the Board will review what Cindy presents to town and the select board.

Review Board Bylaws and Trustee Job Description: Terms of office should be in the bylaws.  According to town, select board, annual report, and 3 years terms end on April 30th.  Add this to Appointments and Terms of Office.  Amend article 3 section 1 to say: In addition, the vice president will be a signatory to our bank and brokerage accounts.  Change the word “perspective” to “respective” on page 5.

Review Strategic Plan: Goal #5:  “Effectively market the services, programs, and resources provided to the public.”  The library will do a Fall sign up for e-newsletter to help promotion.

Old Business:  The accounting for the benches has been given to the Treasurer.

New Business:  The Friends are having a “thank you” party for the book sale volunteers on Wednesday, September 12th from 3 to 5pm.  The library will close at 4pm so the staff can attend.

Next Meeting: October 5th

Adjournment: 9:10 am


Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Kaufman

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