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Board of Trustees

BOT Meeting June 2021

Stowe Free Library Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting June 4, 2021

Present: K.Spear, S.Gaines, K.Kaufman, A.Colavito, B.Mullin, C.Maison Kastner, D.Witmer, C.Weber (Director)

Absent: None

Call to Order: 8:02 am

Minutes: Stand as read.

Friends Report: The Friends will hold a book fair all summer on the porch. They will be working with the books they already have and are not taking donations. A Board Meeting is planned for September.

Treasurer’s Report: The Operating Account is at $33,679.81, Development Account is at $26,009.77 and the Endowment Fund is at $1.279 mil. The Funds are being diversified and eventually will pay better interest than they have in the past. The Finance Committee met with Charles to discuss the $7,000 per quarter the library is expected to pay the town. There is no documentation explaining why this occurs year after year. At present the library cannot afford to pay $28,000 per year to the town. We would like to work out a formula whereby the library pays a percentage of income rather than a hard number. Each endowment has restrictions which need to be looked at. A motion was made to approve formalizing the funds form the Endowment Account in process of working with the town to solidify the payments. The motion was approved. Finance Committee will speak to Charles about creating more transparency overall.

Director’s Report: The collection is increasing in size as are the patron numbers. Curbside pick up is still very active, circulation is healthy and there was an increase in visitors who made reservations to visit the library. There is a plan to do technical training at Copley Woodlands.

Library Service Hours/Opening of Building: A motion was made to end appointment visits on June 9th, close June 10th to 12th to prepare, then open fully on June 14th. The Library will reinstate Tuesday and Thursday evening hours in July. The motion was passed.

Circulation and Overdue Policy/ Discussion of Overdue Fines: Tabled until the next meeting.

Logo Update: Vail approved the use of the Stowe Swoosh on the new library logo. The designer will package logos for use. We will pay him $500 out of the Operating Account.

Old Business: The Gazebo work is underway. There are issues with creating a new sign for the new name of the art center (The Current) as well as a sign using the correct name of the Stowe Free Library.

New Business: No new business.

Next Meeting: July 2nd (in person!)

Adjournment: 9:07 am Respectfully Submitted, Kim Kaufman

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