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Board of Trustees

BOT Meeting Minutes 3/5/2021

Stowe Free Library Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting March 5th 2021

Present: K.Spear, S.Gaines, K.Kaufman, A.Colavito, B.Mullin, C.Maison Kastner, D.Witmer, C.Weber (Director)

Absent: None

Call to Order: 8:01 am

Minutes: Approved as read.

Friends’ Report: Nothing new to report.

Treasurer’s Report: The Funds are status quo. Recent statement was not available from Morgan Stanley as of the meeting. Changes to Investments: Brian discussed modernizing the portfolio. Rather than all funds in 5 assets where 72% are in one fund he suggests diversifying. He has asked for a proposal from Morgan Stanley re: diversification, lower costs with greater income production. A motion was made to allow Morgan Stanley to readjust the Endowment Funds from the existing 5 vessels to 11. The motion was approved.

Director’s Report: There were 268 curbside packages in February. The staff is ready to go to appointment only allowing up to 5 patrons in the library with access to all the books for 15 minutes at a time. They are working on the logistics but hope to start in April. Curbside will continue. The hours will remain as they are. Child Safety Policy Revisions: A motion was made to accept the new language re: “Parents and caregivers, not library staff, are responsible for the actions and safety of children visiting the library.” The motion was approved. Photographic Policy and Photo Release Form: Stands as read.Volunteer Policy: Stands as read.

Old Business: Discussion about the logo development. Review of Anna’s brief for the Art and Design students at Green Mountain Tech explaining what our needs are and what the criteria is. A motion was made for Anna to continue with this project and have the students who are interested design logos for the library. There will be a financial reward of some kind as well as a donation to the classroom for materials.

New Business: There is a new interface created to make the catalog easier to navigate. Discussion about creating reading buddies for homebound individuals.

Next Meeting: April 2nd, 2021

Adjournment: 9:14 am

Respectfully Submitted, Kim Kaufman

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