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Board of Trustees

BOT Meeting Minutes July 10, 2020

Stowe Free Library

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting

July 10th, 2020


Present: D.Witmer, C.Maison Kastner, S.Gaines, D.Johannesen, K.Kaufman, C.Weber (director)

Absent: C.Lusk, K.Spear

Call to Order: 8:04 am

Approval of Minutes: Stand as read.

Friends’ Report: Nothing to report. They will resume meetings in the Fall.

Treasurer’s Report: As of the end of the fiscal year the Operating Account has $29,524 and the Development Account has $28,956. The Endowment Fund is still down at Union Bank.

Director’s Report: The building is closed, but those who need to come in must alert the staff. (Trustees, Town Supervisor, etc.) The WiFi is being used regularly on the front porch. Curbside pick-up has been well-used. There were 187 items checked out in June. ILL will begin on August 1st. Replacement materials are coming in and being cataloged and put on the shelves. The library is not yet ready to open to the public as they are still sanitizing books and cataloging new materials. We have all agreed to stick with curbside pickup (Phase 1) until September 1st. At that point we will move into Phase II. The library will then be open from 10-12 and 1-4, Monday – Friday. This allows the librarians an hour to sanitize and get ready for more visitors. Masks and sanitizer will be available for patrons. In order to open properly in September the circulation librarian needs to be brought in assuming the town approves the hire. If not, the librarians will find an alternate solution. The Phase II plan will be posted on the website.

Old Business: None

New Business: The Board needs to develop a policy on refunding patrons after they have paid for a lost item and then find it.

Next Meeting: August 7th at 8 am

Adjournement: 9:10 am


Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Kaufman






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