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Board of Trustees

BOT Meeting Minutes November 6, 2020

Stowe Free Library Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting November 6, 2020

Present: D.Witmer, K.Spear, S.Gaines, K.Kaufman, A.Colavito, B.Mullin, C.Weber (Director), D.Johannesen (Advising Treasurer) Absent: C. Maison Kastner

Call to Order: 8:07

Minutes: Approved as read

Friends’ Report: The Friends are getting ready to send out their Holiday Appeal letter.

Treasurer’s Report: At the end of October Operating Account contained $23,882. Two quarters were paid to the town (first and second quarters of the fiscal year) for a total of $14,120. Development Account contains $28,724. Endowment Fund contains $1,029,985. Union Bank stocks are up since last month.

Treasurer’s Succession: D.Johannessen, departing Treasurer, will work with the new Treasurer re: necessary steps of taking over the Treasurer’s position. They will work with the Town Clerk and Cindy Fuller, Finance Director, to meet the expectations for Town Meeting Data. B.Mullin has offered to become the new Treasurer. Motion made to vote for B.Mullin. Motion was passed.

Director’s Report: The number of patrons has been rising over the last few months. Curbside pickup is still operational but not as active since library opened to the public on a limited basis. There is discussion about installing two routers outside for access to the wifi. Vermont Department of Libraries is offering a Grant that the library is applying for to pay for the routers. People are dropping off winter clothing on the front porch for the winter clothing drive which ends November 16th. The Green Mountain Library Consortium is researching the possibility of adding a more user friendly platform for patrons to view the library catalog. Libraries in Vermont are working on resource sharing of book club books and other material. Discussion about whether Copley Funds can be used for lectures on Zoom, Vermont Humanities Program or Great Courses Program.

Discussion Regarding Covid-19: The Board has agreed to keep the staus quo until January with the exception of computer use now available in the library in 30 minute intervals by appointment.

Condition of Gazebo: The gazebo is part of the Cultural Campus not the Helen Day Art Center. The Board discussed lobbying for improvements as there have been no repairs for 8 years. The step is problematic, spindles are falling out, electrical wires are exposed, seats splintering, etc. We will reach out to the Historical Society and the art center to discuss their feelings about repairing the gazebo. We will talk about this further at the December meeting.

Holiday Decorations: The Board has a plan for decorations which will include wreaths, kissing balls, garlands and ribbons.

Old Business: None

New Business: Creation of a Spending Committee. Discussion will continue at the December meeting.

Next Meeting: December 4th, 2020.

Adjournment: 9:40 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Kaufman

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