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Board of Trustees

BOT Minutes December 3, 2021 Dec 8 21

Stowe Free Library

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting

December 3, 2021



Present: S.Gaines, C.Maison Kastner, A.Colavato, B.Mullin, K.Kaufman, C.Weber (Director).


Absent: K. Spear, D.Witmer


Call to Order: 8:08 am


Minutes: Stand as read.


Friends’ Report: The Friends met in November to discuss the book sale and how to keep it running. One member came forward to organize book sale July 2022.


Treasurer’s Report: The Operating Account contains, S29,041, Development Account, $31,969, and the Morgan Stanley balance is at $1,268,470—the market is down slightly. The balance between stocks and bonds is 65/35 which is within our plan.  Bonds are down 2% but our Fund is up 10.5% for a total of 12.5%. The investment gains were $121,200.


Endowment Fund Expenditure: Cindy suggested we do a Board/Staff Retreat (July 2022?) to talk about the Strategic Plans and invite a marketing consultant to talk with us about promoting the library.


Director’s Report: The new adult services librarian is working out well. A new IT person will start on 12/14/2021. He comes with cataloging experience as well as IT knowledge. The library is now fully staffed. Annual town report is due 1/7/2022. The Department of Libraries Annual report is due at the end of December. Cindy attended the Department of Libraries Director’s Summit. The library collection is up as are patron statistics. There was no programming for kids in November due to cold weather. The Board has made the decision not to do programs indoors until the Covid numbers drop.


Tabled Discussion:  The Board tabled the discussion about charging out of towners $20 to join the library. Jeffersonville, Hyde Park, Johnson, Morrisville will be called to see if they charge people from other towns.


Security Cameras: ALA sent out policies about security cameras. The Select Board will create the policy for security cameras if the town is funding them. The Select Board should look at ALA guidance re: cameras.

Holiday Decorations: Look great!


Annual Town Report: Due January 7, 2022


Old Business: None.


New Business: A motion was made to go on Zoom for January/February/March. Motion passed. Discussion about working with Stowe High School community service program to offer internships at library.


Next Meeting: January 7th, 2022 on Zoom


Adjournment:  9:08 am


Respectfully Submitted,


Kim Kaufman




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