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Board of Trustees

BOT Minutes March 6, 2020

Stowe Free Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 6, 2020


Present: D.Witmer, C.Maison Kastner, K.Spear, K.Kaufman, D. Johannessen, C.Weber(director)

Absent: C.Lusk, S.Gaines, R.Ziegel(Friends)

Call to order: 8:06 am

Minutes: Stand as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  By end of February the Operating Account was at $35,709 and the Development Account was at $29,359 .  The Endowment Fund, as of March 2nd , was at $1,023,997 is up by $5000 as of March 5th.  The Treasurer is working on job description-- he is determining amount of time spent on each part of the job.  

Endowment:  Dick, Kelley, and Darla, met with Morgan Stanley.  They are working on online access to the portfolio for Board Members.   Our broker believes something needs to be done with Union Bank stock and Touchstone Fund.  He will recommend ideas to the group.

Finance Committee: The Board needs to choose the Members who will make up the Finance committee.  We are still looking for an expert in the finance field to work with the committee.  

Friends’ Report: Annual meeting is May 14th.  Book sale dates: July 7th to July 26th.  The Friends are accepting book donations now.  Stowe Art’s Week:  Stowe Arts and Culture Council will run July 11th to July 19th. The library will run a related program.

Director’s Report: Having weeded out 331 books, Cindy is replacing them as swiftly as possible.  She is waiting on a shipment of new books.  Circulation was down in February, partly due to nasty days, the short month, and school holiday.  Total circulation is similar to what it has been for last few years—not trending down but has not increased.  There is more demand for video.  Videos are funded by the Friends.  There were 20 new patrons in February.  The Macs are starting to fail, and Cindy will switch them out to PC -- the schools are using chrome book now.  Library is collaborating with Helen Day for different projects- including an in-service day.

The Library has adopted a baby elephant, Naleku, an 8-month female in Nairobi at the  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust through the Rural Gateways Heritage Program. Funded through grant managed by Friends. Library is lending out Kiss the Ground for the Solid Waste Management kickoff.  The children’s librarian has given notice.

Museum Pass Policy:  Changes to first paragraph: add Department of Libraries for park’s passes.  Second bullet: strike “two per family per month.”
Third bullet: (last paragraph) add: “request on phone passes will be held for an hour. Passes not picked up within the hour will be made available to public.”  Reword sentence to “bookdrop can be used to return passes when ‘library is closed.’” Strike last paragraph and  move to bottom of Mission Vision Statement.  A motion was made to approve changes.  Motion was approved.

Volunteer Policy:  There is a volunteer handbook, recently updated.  Policy stands as read.  Motion made and approved.  

Old Business: Gazebo repair: Cindy talking to Charles about upgrading.  

New Business: Seven Days article focus on (2/19) public Vermont libraries.  Charlotte recommends we read the article.  Suggestions for speakers if we do a retreat: Jessamyn West and Director of Library Services, Jason Broughton.  We are considering an early fall retreat.  

Consideration of changing term limits to finish at the end of June rather than April.  The new members would come in for June meeting.  The Select Board will need to confirm the change.

The library will coincide children’s reading with Helen Day opening for Christmas celebration. Discussion about the town bringing the decorations toward the library to bring us into the festivities.  Darla and Cindy will attend Select Board meeting in April.

Next Meeting:  April 3rd

Adjournment: 9:20 am

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Kaufman

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