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Board of Trustees

BOT Minutes November 5, 2021

Library Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2021


Present: K. Spear, D.Witmer, K.Kaufman, A.Colavito, B.Mulllin, C.Weber (Director)


Absent: S. Gaines, C. Maison Kastner.


Call to Order: 8:10 am


Minutes: Approved as read.


FriendsReport: A meeting is planned for January. They are looking for people who will continue to run the book sale going forward.


Treasurer’s Report:  Operating Account as of October 30 is at $28,241. Development Fund is at $31,968. The Morgan Stanley Portfolio contains $1,477, 960. Discussion about transferring $20,000 from Morgan Stanley Account to the Operating Account to be used by Cindy as needed.  This should be added to the Operating Account July 1st in keeping with fiscal year.

The bequests made to the library go into the Morgan Stanley account where the library receives interest. The Copley Grant is given every year and goes into the Development Fund to be spent on materials and events for the Senior community, ex: large-print books, the Copley Woodlands book group, etc. More focus on the Senior Community is part of the current Strategic Plan.


Director’s Report:  The collection is growing, patronage is growing, there was been an uptick in after school use. The new Assistant Director/Adult Services librarian has been hired. Cindy is looking for a Tech-Services, Cataloging and IT systems librarian.



Meeting Room Policy: Wording in last line of first paragraph is changed to, “It is available to community groups subject to the following:” Bullet One: strike sentence, “special exceptions may be made by library director.” Bullet Two: Change language to, “All community meetings and programs must be open to the public. Bullet Three: Change wording to, “Library may not be able to accommodate a group monthly. Ongoing meetings can only be scheduled one month at a time. A reservation must be made one month ahead.” Bullet Five: strike first sentence. Bullet Six: Change wording to, “The group using the meeting room will be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred to the library building and its property.” A motion was made to approve changes the Meeting Room Policy. Motion approved.


The Board decided that Story Hour will continue to be outdoors instead of in the Meeting Room due to the current Covid-19 numbers. This will be revisited on a monthly basis. A motion made to keep story time outside for now. Motion approved.


Inclement Weather:  Stands as read.


Charity Site Policy: Stands as read.


Holiday Decorations: We will be purchasing a 6’ wreath for upstairs porch, solar lights and kissing balls for gazebo, swags for lampposts, garlands for front porch and wreaths.  The first weekend of December is the traditional Christmas in Stowe so the Board will meet to Decorate on November 30th at 11 am.  Holiday closures at library: December 23rd- half day, December 24, 25- closed.


Security Cameras:  Waiting for town to decide what system they’re using before the Board continues the discussion.


Old Business: none


New Business: none


Next Meeting: December 3rd


Adjournment: 9:45 am



Respectfully Submitted,


Kim Kaufman







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