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Board of Trustees

BOT Minutes September 6, 2019

Stowe Free Library

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting

September 6th, 2019

Present: D.Witmer(Chair), C. Maison Kastner, K.Kaufman, C. Lusk, K.Spear, S.Gaines, C.Weber (Director)

Absent: D.Johannesen

Call to order:  8:00a.m.

Friends Report: In Our Own Backyard Programing is scheduled until February.  Friends’ Annual Meeting will be in May,2020.  The book sale earned just under $18,000. The porch sale will go on for a few more weeks. 

Treasurers Report:  There is $22,722 in the Development Account and $29,801 in the Operating Account. 

Endowment Fund/Property Purchase Discussion:  Discussion about what is happening at present with the Endowment Fund.  Cindy provided samples of spending policies from a library listserv. The Town suggested we consider buying the Stowe Gems building with some of our Endowment Fund monies for them to put in a parking lot.  We decided it is time to create a specific spending policy: what are permissible expenditures, is there a state statute? We discussed forming a subcommittee that will include people with expertise to create a spending policy.  The Board will review the documents related to spending Cindy distributed and revisit at the next meeting. 

Director’s Report:   The library has used $30,000 as of now from the insurance distributed by the town. The current collection is at 32,000 items.   Cindy is looking for a new librarian to replace Jessica who did all the marketing and computer maintenance. She would like a skilled IT person.  She also needs part-time help with purchasing and cataloging. How to pay that person is a question. The library is starting a Maker Space which will be funded by the Friends.  Cindy will be on vacation September 13th to 23rd.  The Rural Gateways Grant we’ve received allows for book reading and discussion of mostly STEM related material.

Review Trustee Calendar:  Move Safety/Emergency Policy and Procedures discussion to an earlier date than May.

Review Board Bylaws: No changes.

Review Mission, Vision, and Values Statements:  No changes.

Review Progress and This Years Goals Regarding the Strategic Plan: Cindy will review the Strategic Plan Progress at the October meeting.  The goals for this year are in the 2019-2020 Action Plan. They include: Understanding community’s need for library services, programs, and resources, create young reader’s by providing services, programs, and resources for parents and children, connect to the online world by providing services, programs, and resources to the general public to facilitate learning online and access to information, satisfy curiosity by providing services, programs, and resources to the general public to encourage lifelong learning, market the services, programs, and resources provided to the public.

Old Business: Charlotte is not comfortable as co-signer on the accounts.  Someone with more expertise needs to take it over. Shelby knows someone who may be willing to help us (from outside).  Cindy has a contact who specializes in board finances, she will see will talk to us about acting as treasurer and creating a spending policy. 

New Business:  none

Next Meeting:  October 4th (Akeley Building)

Adjournment: 9:20 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Kaufman

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