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Friends of the Library

Friends Meeting Minutes March 5, 2020

Minutes for Friends Meeting March 5, 2020

Attendance: Sue Gilkey, Kelley Spear, Barbara Bauman, Margot Hall, Louise Thompson,
Sally Nolan, Cindy Weber, Penny McGaughey, Connie Carrino, Ronna Ziegel

Ronna called the meeting to order at 3:35
The minutes for January 9, 2020 stand as read.
Treasurer, Carol Stevens, is away and a full report will b ready for the annual meeting on May 14, and for the June 4 budget meeting.

Membership Report
110 members have paid dues equaling 2,190.00.  The annual fund for 2019-2020 had donations from 94 people, providing 11,756.60.  Before the Annual Find drive, we received 6,655.00 in donations.  Total thus far is: $20,601.60.
The next letter,for Friends membership, will go out in June.  The dues structure will stay as it is.

In Our  Own Backyard
Donna has retired as hospitality chairman, after many years of providing the Friends, and their guests, with wonderful hospitality.  We thank her for her efforts.
We have a speaker discussing trout fishing scheduled for 3/19 at 7:00.  We also have speakers for the annual meeting, May 14 and September 24.

Book Sale
plans are being made for after July 4th through July 26.  Donations are coming in slowly, which is usual for this time of the year.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25
Respectfully submitted, Margot Hall

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