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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes January 5, 2017

Friends of the Stowe Free Library

Minutes of Board Meeting January 5, 2017


In Attendance:

Chair: Ronna Ziegel, Vice Chair: Lisa Grady

Caren Goodhue, Dee Reever, Cindy Weber, Connie Carrino, Sally Nolan, Carol Stevens, Kelley Spear, Barbara Bauman, Louise Thompson, Mila Lonetto, Sylvia Pope, Donna Penndorf, Margot Hall Phyllis Thibault

The meeting was called to order at 3:30pm.

The minutes of the September 9, 2016 meeting were accepted. Phyllis Thibault motioned to approve the minutes and Donna Penndorf seconded.  Approval was unanimous.

Carol Stevens, Treasurer, reported on the updated budget and actual spend and earned to date.  Fundraising and membership dues are on target with the forecast for the year.  The Board discussed the current practice for accounting for membership dues and donations.  The Board also discussed the public perception of the Friends and the Library and whether there is an understanding that the two organizations are separate and distict.  The Board discussed if a second money market should be opened or not.

Lisa Grady reported on the “In your Backyard” series.  The Willem Lange talk on December 2, 2017 had between 70 and 90 attendees.  The next event is January 19th with Jim Rooney with another event on February 2 featuring Charlie Nardozzi.  Lisa reviewed the remaining events for the Board and asked for ideas for a speaker for the Annual Meeting in May.

Donna Penndorf asked for volunteers for refreshments for the next two events.    Several Board members volunteered.

Margot Hall gave thanks to the core book sale team for the hard year round work they do weeding, stocking and organizing for the inside book sale as well as preparing for the big upcoming annual sale in July.  The ongoing issue of disposal of unacceptable books was discussed.

Cindy Weber, Director of the Library, thanked the Friends for their support of reconfiguring her office for privacy.  Friends supported events remain well attended and new DVD purchases have been low but are expected to pick up for the remainder of the year.

Ronna Ziegel and Cindy Weber brought the reusable book bag issue up for discussion.  The book bags have been sold out since fall and patrons haven been asking for them.  A Library Trustee has offered to split the cost of the bags with her business.  The Board discussed the cost of the bags and if it was a good item to spend money on restocking.  It was decided to move forward with discussing the partnership and obtain pricing, as the bags are good publicity and public relations.

The next Board Meeting is March 2, 2017 at 3:30pm

The motion to adjourn at 4:25pm was made by Lisa Grady and seconded by Connie Carrino

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