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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes June 1, 2017

Friends Of Stowe Free Library

Minutes Of Board Meeting June 1, 2017

In attendance: Chair Ronna Ziegel, Kelly Spear, Caren Goodhue, Dee Reever, Cindy Weber, Louise Thompson, Treasurer Carol Stevens, Bonnie Knight, Connie Corrino, Margot Hall, Sally Nolan, Peg Lackey, Mila Lonetto and Nancy Stead.

Ronna Ziegel opened the meeting at 3:30 and the minutes of May 4 were unanimously accepted.

Bonnie discussed preparations for the book sale July 6-23. Tables will be brought up Sunday July 2nd and books Sunday July 5th; lots of muscle will be needed starting at 9 a.m. each day. Help is needed lassoing/coercing volunteers. Sign up sheets for volunteer shifts and day captains will be posted in the Library hallway as of June 2nd. Books will be accepted until June 21. Posters shall be put up in mid-June with Vera Nichols covering Stowe Village, Nancy Stead the Mountain Road and Carol Stevens Waterbury.  There are extra posters at the Library (in large counter drawer on left as you enter the office) if anyone sees a missed opportunity (Morrisville? an overlooked local business window in Stowe, particularly on Main Street. These are particularly important to snag tourists visiting Stowe while the sale is on).

Carol Stevens presented the YTD figures for FY 2016-2017, which were used as the guideline for setting the FY 2017-2018 budget. Last year the income was budgeted at $31,511 and is actually $40,683 (with one month not yet recorded). For the coming year, income has been budgeted at $30,400 and expenses at $40,647. Several new categories were added to the budget, including dump fees ($100), landscaping ($1000), Playaway Audiobooks ($1500), summer History Camp supplies ($410), replacement of the early literacy computer ($2622) and 4 new upholstered chairs ($3200). The landscaping category raised the question of “is this a responsibility of the Friends?” It was agreed that a policy of what is - and what is not - within the scope of the FSFL mission should be determined in the near future. The budgeted shortfall of income will be met by stripping the income surplus of $3,400 from last year and contributing $10,247 from savings. The motion to accept the budget was made by Sally Nolan, seconded by Bonnie Knight and passed unanimously.

Dee Reever’s long experience on the Friends’ board urged her to bring up the issue of the growing surplus in FSFL’s finances. It is welcome, but needs addressing. It was agreed a policy needs to be established in the near future that will put a better percentage of any surplus to use.

Membership chair Connie Corrino updated the current figures:

149 Memberships in for July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

    Memberships:   2,980.00

    Donations:        4,669.24

    Annual Drive:   5,805.00

TOTAL              13,454.24

20 new members or donors

Previous year totals:

     2015-2016       $16,529.00 (149 memberships)

     2014-2015       $13,950.00 (156 memberships)

This year membership renewal letters will go out to 344 people.

The next board meetings will be September 7, 2017, Jan. 4, 2018 and the first Thursdays in March and June.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Stead, Secretary

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