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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes March 1, 2018

Friends Of Stowe Free Library

Board Meeting Minutes March 1, 2018


In attendance:  Ronna Ziegel, President,  Dee Reever, Connie Carrino, Louise Thompson, Kelley Spear, Peg Lackey, Sally Nolan, Barbara Bauman, Donna Penndorf, and Cindy Weber


Guests: Duncan Tingle and Janet Larson

Ronna Ziegel opened the meeting at 3:30pm and the minutes of January 4th were approved.

Both the positions of Vice President and Secretary are still open and Ronna asked board members to consider taking the position of Secretary.

Potential New Members:

Ronna introduced the guests, Duncan Tingle and Janet Larson as potential board members at large.  Recruitment for board members is on-going.

Treasurer’s Report:

Ronna gave a brief update on finances.  There are no major issues and Carol will prepare and updated finance report when she returns later this month.

Membership Report:

Almost $3,000 has come in representing 156 members.  Over $12,000 from the annual drive, plus additional donations.  A discussion of how the $5,000 Tilgner Funds should be spent.  It was agreed that $2,000 would be allocated to copies of DCF books over a five-year period and $3,000 for upholstered chairs.  A thank you to the family will be included in the next library newsletter.

Book Sale:

Things are “rolling along” and we’re expecting more books in the spring.

In Our Own Backyard:

Since Lisa has left, it has been difficult to get someone to take over.  Kelley, who does publicity, is proposing a 3-4 member committee.  The committee would begin planning a year in advance, there would then, be more time for publicity.  We have some suggestions for authors and this committee would follow-up and confirm when the authors would speak as well as seek new authors.  Both Louise and Janet expressed interest in participating on this committee.

A discussion regarding increasing the honorarium followed. 

The next program in the series will be March 8 on genealogy.

Biddle Duke and Stuart Stevens will speak at the Annual Meeting on May 10.  It was agreed that both would receive an honorarium.


Director’s Report:

Cindy presented a funding “wish list”.  The board approved the following expenditures for this fiscal year:

$1,500 for new travel guides $800 - $1,000 Professional Development – for a staff member to attend a national conference

From the Tilgner Fund:

$5,000 Total:  $2,000 for DCF books and $3,000 for chair upholstery.

The other items will be discussed at our budget meeting for next fiscal year.

Next Meetings – 2018:

May 10th at 4pm – Annual Meeting

June 7th at 3:30 pm – Budget Meeting

September 6th at 3:30pm

The meeting was adjourned at 5pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Penndorf

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