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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes September 8, 2016

Friends of the Stowe Free Library

Minutes of Board Meeting September 8, 2016

In Attendance: Ronna Ziegel, Cindy Weber, Peg Lackey, Donna Penndorf, Lisa Grady, Sally Nolan, Dee Reever, Connie Corrino, Carol Stevens, Bonnie Knight and Nancy Stead.

The meeting opened at 3:35pm and the motion to approve the minutes of June 9 was passed unanimously. Ronna nominated Peg Lackey as a member-at-large, which was approved, and she was thanked for the awesome amount of work she has done over the years for the Friends, particularly during book sales.

Budget: Carol Stevens announced the income from the book sale this year was an astounding $20,355.  Once the board recovered there were huge thanks to Bonnie, Margot and Sally, and all the volunteers.  To date in FY 2016-2017 we have also received $4,187 in contributions and $2,015 in dues, bringing the total in the checking account to $66,444 and $5,042 in the Money Market fund. Connie noted that of the 300 people she sent membership/contributions requests to, 115 have replied thus far, a number she finds good.

In Our Own Back Yard: Lisa Grady has scheduled Susan Clark to Slow Democracy, Co-written with Woden Teachout, for discussion Thursday, September 15.  The book is timely as there is on-going discussion in Stowe about how to reinvigorate Town Meeting as well as community involvement in local governments and boards.

On January 19, 2017, Jim Roonry w ill talk “In it for the Long Run” his book about his long life in the folk music revival movement.

Library Book Bags: After six years, the supply of 500 book bags has finally run out.  Much to the surprise of some, there is a clamor for more.  They don’t generate any profit but they are good PR.  Ronna will look into suppliers and costs over the winter, and everyone is urged to think about – and email the board- potential sponsors to bear half the cost.  A rough guess of total cost is $1500 for 500 if the design is uncomplicated.

Directors Report: Cindy Weber reported ont eh success of Baby and Toddler Storytimes, with 204 attendees in the summer months, and found Owen Leavey an important help as intern.  She thanked FSFL for providing the funds. Progress is being made on archiving Stowe Reporters.  Ten microfilms are now digitized on a new site: hppts:// There are about 100 reels more to be done, at the cost of $100/reel digitize.  Efforts will be made to enlist support from the Stowe Reporter and also any interested parties.

During her report, Ronna suggested we re-open Connie’s motion at the June meeting concerning Cindy’s request to have the unused but privacy-violating interior window in her office removed. The motion was tabled at the time.  As workmen will be doing other repairs shortly the timing would be opportune.  The motion was passed with one dissension by Nancy Stead on the grounds that the Town is supposed to fund building maintenance and repairs, not the FSFL.

The schedule of board meetings for the coming year is Jan. 5, 2017 at 3:30, March 2 at 3:30, the Annual Meeting May 4 at 4:00 and June 1 at 3:30.

Book Sale: Bonnie suggests next year’s opening day be Thursday, July 6.  Tables can be brought up and placed, with plastic protective sheets etc., the weekend before, and books on Monday July 3rd and 5th.  The sale would end Sunday July 23.

There was much discussion on ways to assist Bonnie, Sally and Margot and Don.  Some Ideas:

  1. Have volunteers – one per week- to keep ice and water in coolers
  2. A vote to discontinue providing snacks was mulled with pain & passion – and passed.
  3. At the June board meeting hand out publicity posters for members to put up
  4. Advertise before and during the sale for local muscle and volunteer
  5. Captains for the Day need more instruction
  6. Figure out a way to have the daily opening and closing process streamlined.

The next meeting will be January 5th at 3:30.  The meeting adjourned at 4:45.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Stead, Secretary

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