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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes May 5, 2016

Friends of the Stowe Free Library

Minutes of Annual Meeting May 5, 2016

In Attendance: Ronna Ziegel, Lisa Grady, Dee Reever, Barbara Bauman, Carol Stevens, Lousie Thompson, Donna Penndorf, Bonnie Billings, Connie Carrino, Mila Lonetto, Kelley Spear, Sally Nolan, Caren GoodHue Cindy Weber, Nancy Stead

The meeting opened at 4:00pm with the approval of the minutes of March 10 2016

Kelley Spear presented the slate of officers for election by voice vote:

President: Ronna Ziegel

Vice President: Lisa Grady

Secretary: Nancy Stead

Treasurer: Carol Stevens

The slate was unanimously approved.


Kelley then presented the slate of members of the board:

Barbara Bauman

Bonnie Billings

Bonnie Knight

Caren Goodhue

Carol Good

Connie Carrino

Donna Penndorf

Kelley Spear

Margot Hall

Mila Lonetto

Sally Nolan

Sylvia Pope

Phyllis Thibault

The slate was unanimously approved.

Carol Stevens gave the synopsis of our financial status for the fiscal year. Income was $36,000; $18.00 was from the Summer Book Sale plus $2,300 from the on-going book sale in the library.  Dues and membership brought in $15,000.  To date $22,000 has been spent.  Cash on-hand is $46,000 plus $500 in a money market fund.

Membership chairs Barbara Bauman and Connie Carrino said there are 149 active members (17 are new) and membership income to date exceeds last year.

Sally Nolan outlined needs for the summer book sale, which opens July 7 but begins set-up on July 5.  Signup sheets will be posted in the library in mid-June.  She notes that high school students are heartily encouraged to perform community service by helping, particularly during set-up and breakdown periods.

Library Director Cindy Weber gave huge thanks to the Friends of the Stowe Free Library. She congratulated us for the vitality of the organization and the importance of our generous financial assistance. This year is the 150th anniversary of SFL, the first public library in Vermont. Four events are scheduled over the summer with the kick-off June 21st in the front lawn.  Other events will be July 4, August 11 and late September.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15.  Noted Vermont artist Sabra Fields, famous for her wood cuts of iconic Vermont scenes and winner of an array of significant awards and honors, then gave a fascinating and intimate look at her life’s work while showing a film of the same, Sabra, made by her son Bill Philips, a renowned film maker.  A copy of the film is at the library and available for showing.


Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Stead, Secretary

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