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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Board Meeting

March 7, 2019

Akeley Memorial Building 67 Main Street


Present: Louise Thompson, Bonnie Knight, Sally Nolan, Ronna Ziegel, Carol Stevens, Connie Carrino, Sue Gilkey, Cindy Weber, Kelley Spear, Margot Hall

Meeting was called to order by Chair, Ronna Ziegel at 3:35 PM.

The meeting minutes of January 10, 2019 were accepted.  Carol Stevens made the motion, seconded by Connie Carrino.

Ronna Ziegel welcomed Sue Gilkey as a new Member at Large of the Board. She will be voted in at the Annual Meeting on May 9.

Library Director’s Report - Cindy Weber:

Cindy reported on the progress to date in the repairs of the flood damage to the Library/HDAC Building. They are now working on installing the dry wall and painting the walls. They hope to lay the new carpeting about April 1 and to have the final cleaning by ServPro begin about April 8. At the end of that week, it is hoped that the staff will have access to the building to begin the work of moving everything back into place. It would remain closed for that full week and reopen for regular library business on Monday, April 22.  Donations for the Book Sale would be accepted as of that date. Serv Pro suggested that the Book Sale committee stack the boxes of books in the basement on plastic pallets. The committee will research plastic pallets. Kelley Spear made a motion to purchase plastic pallets for the basement. Seconded by Carol Stevens and passed.

Cindy Weber explained what she was now purchasing for the non-fiction collection and a possible purchase of a 300 book collection of the classics. She also reported that the Baby and Toddler program has been ongoing at another community sight.

This summer Stowe is holding an ‘Arts Week’. Cindy would like to invite Peter Miller to have him do a presentation in the Library for this event. The committee approved and agreed to a $300.00 honorarium as is customary.

Cindy announced that Julie Pickett will be retiring on June 1.

A retirement reception was discussed.

Cindy added that when the Library reopens the DVD collection and biographies will be normal. Fiction and non-fiction will be noticeably bare. Reordering books is taking place, but it requires attention to many factors and requires considerable time to accomplish. As the ordering continues, new books are arriving daily.

Discussion was held about when the Friends would gain access to the basement. Kelley Spear explained the publicity she would handle regarding the reopening of the Library.

Treasurer’s Report - Carol Stevens:

It was explained why we have $169,000 in our account. These monies are reflecting the donations to the DCR (Donations for Collection Recovery). We did vote in January to give the director $53,000 to begin to make purchases for book replacement. Since then, we have continued to receive donations to the fund.

The Annual Budget Meeting of the Board will be held on Thursday, June 6.

Membership Report - Connie Carrino:

In November, a mailing went out to everyone who lives in Stowe. The mailing coincided with the flood in the building and we have had a very good response to our initial appeal. 60% of DCR has come from members of the FSFL.  Another letter goes out at the end of June, which will mention the DCR.

Other Business:

‘In Your Own Backyard’ had a very successful meeting on February 14 with guest speaker, Charlie Nardozzi. We had 40 in attendance and many new faces. The Annual Meeting is May 9 with Rusty DeWees as the guest speaker. The committee will begin meeting to plan for next year.  Donna Penndorf’s ideas for changing the refreshment selections proved successful. Those plans will be continued. If you are willing to help for the May 9th Annual Meeting, please call Donna.

The Book Sale Committee reviewed the dates for the

2019 Sale. The following are the dates for this year’s Sale.

  • Set Up - Saturday and Sunday July 6 and 7
  • Books to Porch Monday July 8
  • Opening Day Tuesday July 9
  • Last day Book Sale Sunday July 28

The topic of how to add more high school helpers to our list was discussed.

New Business:

The question was asked - what positions on the Board need to be filled to fulfill our requirements for 501c status? We need to further research the requirements.

The future meetings:

May 9, 2019 - Annual Meeting at the Library

June 6, 2019 - Budget Meeting at the Library

Motion to adjourn by Kelley Spear, seconded by Sally Nolan and passed.

Meeting adjourned.


Minutes submitted by

Acting Secretary, Margot Hall

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