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New Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction You Won't Want to Miss!

New Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction 

at the Stowe Free Library that

you don't want to miss!


Sure Signs of Crazy by Karen Harrington

Twelve-year-old Sarah writes letters to her hero, To Kill a Mockingbird's Atticus Finch, for help understanding her mentally ill mother, her first real crush, and life in her small Texas Town, all in the course of one momentous summer.

The Song of Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde

Magis has been in a sad state in the Ununited Kingdom for years, but now it's fianlly on the rise, and boneheaded King Snodd IV knows it.  If he succeeds at his plot, the very future of magic will be at risk.  Sensible sixteen-year-old Jennifer Strange, acting manager of Kazam Mystical Arts Management and its unpredictable crew of sorcerers, has little chance against the king and his cronies- but there's no way Kazam will let go of the noble powers of magic without a fight.

Tresure Hunters  by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

The Kidd siblins have grown up diving down to shipwrecks and traveling the world, helping their famous parents recover everything from swords to gold doubloons.  But after their parents disappear on the job, the kids are suddenly thrust into the biggest treasure hunt of their lives.  They'll have to work together to defeat dangerous pirates and dodge the hot pursuit of an evil treasure-hunting rival, all while following cryptic clues to unravel the mystery of what really happened to their parents.

The Heartbreak Messenger by Alexander Vance

Breaking up is hard to do-so why not pay someone to do it for you?  Twelve-year-old Quentin never asked to be the Heartbreak Messanger.  It just kind of happened, and he can't let a golden opportunity pass him by.  The valuable communication service he offers is simple: He delivers breakup messages.  For a small fee, he will deliver the message to your soon-to-be ex.  If you order the deluxe package, he'll even throw in some flowers and a box of chocolates.  You soften the blow.  Along the way, Quentin discovers that the game of love is a lot more complicated than he thought.

Mister Max : The book of lost things  by Cynthia Voigt

When Max's parents unexpectedly leave the country without him, he must rely on his wits and his skills as a child of theatre to get by.  Before long he is running his own, rather unusual business.

Unthinkable by Nancy Werlin

In this stand-alone sequel to Impossible (2008)Werlin presents a heroic character who has three tasks: to destroy her family's home, their love, and their hope. The destroyer is Fenella, who has been trapped in the faerie realm for hundreds of years.  Werlin pulls off quite a feat, making us care deeply for a character driven by selfish needs, intent on betrayal.  The tension is palpable as Fenella ponders possibilities for accomplishing her unforgivable tasks, and the reader, though horrifies, can't walk away from her, nor can her love interest, Walker. At his heart, this is a story about the many different levels of love.  

The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer

In 2137, fourteen-year-old Matt is stunned to learn that, as a clone of El Patron, he is expected to take over as leader of the corrupt drug empire of Opium, where there is also a hidden cure for the ecological devastation faced by the rest of the world.  Sequel to the National Book Award winner, The House of Scorpion. 

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