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Inclement Weather Policy

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As the Stowe Free Library is a community space and is often a refuge from inclement weather, the Library will remain open, as long it is safe to do so. While the Library is open, programming will occur as scheduled barring the unforeseen occurrence of a cancellation by a presenter.


When inclement weather occurs, the Library will close if:


  • The Town and/or State government offices are closed.
  • The Library Director or the most senior staff member, with the approval of the Library Board Chair and/or the Stowe Town Manager, decides to close for safety concerns.


Library procedures for closing should include:


  • Communication with the Library Board Chair and the Town Manager.
  • Posting of closure on the Library entrance doors, the Library website, and the Library’s answering machine as well as a call made to the local radio station, WDEV at 244-7321.


In the event of a Library closure, the Staff of the Stowe Free Library will follow the procedures for compensation set out in the Town of Stowe Personnel Policy.


Approved by the Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees in February 2009; revised and approved December 2015, revised and approved December 2017.


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