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Meeting Room Policy and Contract

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Meeting Room Policy 


The Community Meeting Room of the Stowe Free Library is an important component of the Library’s services. It is available to any community group regardless of that group’s political, religious, or social views, subject to the following:


  • All meetings must be scheduled in advance with the Library. Library programs and municipal functions will have priority for use of the Meeting Room. No group may schedule meetings for more than 3 months in advance, nor for more than one use per month (special exceptions may be made by the Library Director). Users of the room are responsible for publicizing their own programs. Advertising must include the name and phone number of the presenter, and must avoid any inference that their program is sponsored, co-sponsored, or approved by the Library.
  • All meetings must be open to the public, and should be of educational, cultural, or community interest.
  • The Library will not accommodate on-going monthly meetings for community organizations.
  • No person or group may charge an attendance fee for meetings or workshops held in the Community Meeting Room. Charges to cover costs of materials may be levied if the person or group has the express permission of the Library Director in advance.
  • The Library is to be kept locked at all times when it is closed. Therefore, if a group is using the meeting room while the rest of the Library is closed, the person signing this agreement will be held responsible for ensuring the Library doors and windows are locked before leaving the Library.
  • The group using the meeting room will be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred by the Library as a result of the use of the room.
  • The Community Meeting Room must be left in the same condition in which it was found. Any extra tables or chairs set up or rearranged should be returned to their original places. If the kitchen was used, it should be cleaned and the utensils put away. There will be a minimum charge of $25 if the room is not left in its original condition or if the keys are not returned immediately following use.
  • If the organization requesting use of the Community Meeting Room is a non-town sponsored group, a certificate of insurance is required; if one cannot be provided, the signature of the organization’s representative, below, waives all statement of responsibility of the Town of Stowe or the Stowe Free Library.
  • No smoking is allowed in any part of the Library building at any time.
  • Alcohol may not be served as part of a non-Library sponsored program.


The signing of this policy constitutes an agreement by the undersigned to adhere to the rules of the Community Meeting Room Policy and to ensure that no member of the group violates the rules set forth.  Please retain the attached page, listing the guidelines for use of the Community Meeting Room, for your records.

For a Online form please click here; complete and return to the circulation desk or ask to speak with the director to complete the reservation process.

Approved by the Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees in Sept. 2007; Revised and approved May 2012 and May 2016.


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