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Message to Parents

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The Staff and Board of Trustees of the Stowe Free Library encourage the use of the library by children who come to study, read, do homework and attend programs. Due to the increase in the number of children who are using the library without accompanying adults, we would like to communicate our concerns. We urge that parents review these materials and discuss them with their children.

  • The library does not provide day care services. Some children are coming to the library after school for up to 2 hours a day, several days a week. Some children are sent to the library every day after school.
  • Some children come to the library directly after school to wait for specific extra-curricular classes or athletic practices. The waiting period may be up to 1 1/2 hours.
  • Children need some kind of physical or social outlet after a long day at school. They may also be hungry and thirsty. The library does not provide or allow food or drink inside the building.
  • Some children whose needs are not met after school and do not have library-related work to do may become disruptive and display inappropriate behavior in the library setting. Verbal warnings sometimes go unheeded.
  • Sometimes, children have not been picked up before the library closes for the day and the building is locked.
  • Library space is limited and shared freely with people of different ages and library needs.
  • The library is located in a Town building that is shared by the Helen Day Art Center with common front and rear entrances. Lobbies obstructed by children and their belongings may hinder access to the library and the art center.
  • The property surrounding the Helen Day Memorial Building is owned and maintained by the Town and is located near busy intersections. Unsupervised children playing outside may cause damage to the building, the landscaping, or themselves.
  • It is important to remember that while Stowe is a small town with a strong community ethic, it is also a busy tourist destination with an international array of visitors and workers who are strangers to the community.

Our new library policy regarding the use of the library by unattended children reflects our concern for the welfare of all children (please see our Child Safety Policy).


Rules of Conduct

These rules apply to all patrons of the library regardless of age.

  1. Eating, drinking, smoking and the use of illegal drugs are prohibited.
  2. Soliciting or distribution of leaflets within the library is prohibited.
  3. Animals are not permitted except as guide or assist animals.
  4. Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, must be worn at all times. Ski boots must be removed before entering the library.
  5. Skis, snowboards, and other sports equipment are not allowed in the building.
  6. Neither the library nor its staff is responsible for patrons’ personal belongings left unattended.
  7. Cell phone use is not permitted in the library.
  8. Loud, boisterous behavior is not acceptable.
  9. Physical or verbal harassment of other patrons or staff is prohibited.
  10. Any purposeful damage done to the material, equipment, furniture, building, or property of the library is against the law and may be reported to the police.
  11. Loitering in the front and back lobbies is prohibited.
  12. Running up and down the stairs in the front or the back of the building is prohibited.
  13. Elevator use is limited to adults or children with accompanying adults.
  14. The wheel-chair lift in the back lobby is reserved for the disabled only.
  15. Rest rooms should be used only for appropriate reasons.
  16. The Helen Day Memorial Building and grounds should be treated with respect.
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