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Rules of Conduct

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Rules of Conduct

The Stowe Free Library embraces its role as an inclusive, welcoming facility, which respects all of its patrons and visitors equally, regardless of age. Because the Library is a shared space, all users are expected to observe the same standard of behavior. The role of the Rules of Conduct is to maintain a safe and comfortable environment free of disruption or disrespectful conduct inappropriate to a library.


Specifically not permitted on the Library premise:


  • Loud, boisterous behavior or language that is profane.
  • Threatening gestures or unwanted physical contact to persons or staff.
  • Eating, smoking, and the use of illegal drugs. Patrons impaired by alcohol or drugs are not permitted in the Library.
  • Animals not employed as service animals.
  • Solicitation or distribution of leaflets.
  • Sports equipment, including snowboards, skis, and ski boots.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Improper acts that are subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law.
  • Purposeful damage to Town or Library property.
  • Loitering in lobbies and restrooms, as well as inappropriate use of the elevator.
  • Inappropriate attire or undress, especially the lack of shirt and/or shoes.
  • Uncovered beverages or any beverage in the vicinity of the library collection or computers.
  • Cell phone conversations within the library proper. Conversations should occur in the lobbies or outside, and cell phones should be muted.


Any violation of this policy may result in a corresponding action appropriate to the severity of the infraction as decided by the Library Director, and may include a request to leave the premises, the involvement of the police, and/or the issuance of a No Trespassing Notice.


Written and approved by the Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees June 2010; revised and approved September 2011; revised and approved Feb. 2013. Revised and approved December 2015.


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