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Using the Library



All residents and visitors are welcome to use the library. Browse the stacks, flip through a magazine, use our computers, feel free to ask our staff for help, and relax and soak up the atmosphere of our beautiful library. 


Library membership is available to Stowe residents for free and to non-residents for a fee.  Both residents and non-residents receive full borrowing priviledges.


Stowe Resident Library Card


Individuals of all ages are welcome to register for a Stowe Free Library card for free if they meet the following criteria:

  • The individual is a resident of Stowe, as evidenced by living at a Stowe address (whether renting or owning); owning property in Stowe as a primary, secondary, or vacation residence; owning a time share property; or otherwise appearing on the Grand List.
  • The individual can demonstrate an ability to receive mail from the Library by providing evidence of a valid mailing address (not just a P.O. Box number), such as a valid driver’s license, a utility bill, or a lease or timeshare agreement.
  • A child must be of school age, kindergarten and above, in order to register for a library card. A parent or guardian with a valid Stowe Free Library card must accompany any child under 16 registering for his/her own card.

Non-resident Library Card


Non-residents with proof of identification may acquire a library card. A non-resident cardholder has the same privileges as a resident cardholder, including access to the library’s Inter-Library Loan service.


Individuals who live outside of Stowe or who are visiting on a temporary basis, less than 6 months, may register for a Stowe Free Library card for the price of $20 per year per adult. Children under the age of 16, of school age, and accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid Stowe Free Library card, may register for a free library card.


A non-resident may be exempt from the $20 fee if he/she is:


  • A Stowe High School student, 16 and over, who lives in Lamoille County or Waterbury.
  • An employee of the Town of Stowe.
  • An employee of the Stowe public school system.
  • A Stowe Free Library volunteer.


Lost Cards


The first replacement is free, but subsequent replacements are $1.00.


Patron Obligations


All borrowers must have a valid Stowe Free Library card in order to borrow library materials. Materials may not be checked out until a card has been issued. Individuals must use their own cards to borrow materials; materials may not be checked out to another individual’s card, unless prior permission is given and noted on patron’s record.


Use of the library card implies acceptance and adherence to all regulations of the Stowe Free Library. Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their library card.


Parents and guardians alone have the responsibility to monitor, guide, or restrict their child’s reading or library use. The Stowe Free Library strongly encourages parents and guardians to talk with their children about the materials they access at the library. Information about reserves and checkouts for patrons under age 16 will be given to parents without prior permission from the child.


Local cards require renewal every two years. All non-resident library cards expire on a yearly basis, and non-residents will be required to pay their $20 annual fee. Patrons are advised to help the library maintain valid patron records by providing current addresses and phone numbers and notifying the Library if a library card is lost or stolen. The Library will conduct periodic purges of patron records that have been inactive for 5 years or longer.

Parents/Guardians are legally responsible for debts incurred by children less than 16 years of age.


Borrowing Information

Books, magazines, audio books, older dvds, CDs 2 weeks
New DVDs (released in last 6 months) 1 week
Inter-Library Loans 2 weeks

All materials may be renewed 2 times by phone or in person (providing the item is not on reserve for another library user).

Community Meeting Room

The Community Meeting Room is available for use by any community group. All meetings must be open to the public and should be of educational, cultural, or civic interest. No attendance fee may be charged. For information about booking our meeting room, please call the library at 253-6145.  For more information see our Meeting Room Policy.

Staff and Contact Information

Please see our Contact Us page.

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